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Secrets to Process Improvement

Large companies hire me to help them become more efficient. I always ask to go to their biggest department first, so that I can see the most chaos. When I walk up to a department here are the 3 areas I first look into and the questions I ask as I observe the process:

  1. Ergonomics & Movements - I think of ways of how to make the work easier and more comfortable for the employees. I find myself asking these questions in my head: What can I put wheels on? What can I move closer to the employees? How can I get them to walk less? How can I get them to be as comfortable as possible while working? How do I get them to smile and have fun while working?

  2. Flow - are materials flowing or sitting still ? Is there work - in - process ? Is communication flowing ? How can I make things visually obvious ?

  3. Standardization - I look to see if the process is stable, and if the work is being done uniformly. If it is not, I like to find out why. A lot of times employees are working harder than they have to and are being busy rather than productive. I try and fix this by ensuring that their movements and work are value added.

Go through this 3-Step though process at your place of work, and see if you can help make your process more efficient. Let me know how it goes!

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