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BCI offers on-site consulting to help implement lean manufacturing principles. Our on-site consulting goal is to increase your companies cash flow, reduce debt, and create a culture of continuous improvement. We improve cost, quality, efficiency, safety, and morale.

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We conduct on-site Lean and Performance Team training that will give your business the knowledge, plan, and tools, to become more profitable and to sustain the success gained. We offer leader specific training , team member training, and merged classes. Our classes are flexible and we can customize them to fit your business needs.


We create experiences, not just content. BCI offers curriculum development for training programs for both business professional development programs and CTE Programs. We tailor curriculum to fit the needs of local business industry and aim to prepare the learner to join the workforce. 

BCI is located in the Central Valley and offers lean business consulting, on-site training, and tailored curriculum development. BCI's training solutions are designed for production as well as office environments. Utilizing hands-on instruction and real-world application creates a learning experience that is truly relevant. We believe that to increase cash flow, reduce cost and debt, and to create a culture of continuous improvement you must first grow your people with the knowledge and tools to do so.


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